Resetting Your Life Clock

In today’s society, people are sometimes more concerned about bad habits - which can reach life-consuming proportions, than they are about dealing with the causes of addiction - drinking, smoking, overeating, drug use, gambling, overspending, or even compulsive romancing.

What we increasingly hear at Śuruvāta is that every one of these addictions are chronic, unchangeable conditions, and that we must go to traditional treatment Centres or join Twelve-Step Support Groups in orderto deal with these conditions.

At Śuruvāta, we asked ourselves a couple of simple questions:

  • Are there really no other ways to change a powerful habit than to submit to a 12-Step treatment program?
  • Do personal initiatives, willpower, maturation, or lifestyle changes have anything to do withpeople’s ability to overcome addictive habits?
  • Is there a scientific body of research that indicates the most effective way for addressing substance use?

At Śuruvata we believe that there are alternative approaches!