Returning Visits

At Śuruvāta we understand that recovery will not end at the simple completion of any program, but it can take several months or even years of continued effort and support. The length of time a client will spend at our facility will depend on their personal healing progress and needs. Doctors and counsellors may suggest an early completion for them, or they may request that the client stay in rehab longer than expected – it will depend on many factors, since this is all about the client! It all depends on their personal situation and their individual progress.

However, they will still continue to receive treatment for their addiction after leaving. They may also have regular clinical visits with their treatment doctor(s) to manage physical symptoms, or marriage and family counselling. Our clients may also meet with their counsellor on a regular aftercare basis to refine coping skills as needed. In addition to the love and support of family and friends, clients may also wish to attend support group meetings and seminars at Śuruvāta.

All of these aftercare services will help them remain in recovery and continue to live a healthy life – and most importantly avoid relapse!

At Śuruvāta our clients will always be a member of our “Recovered Family”!