At Śuruvāta we understand the importance of confidentiality. Just because the client and their family have come to grips with the situation that they have an addiction and have decided to deal with it and to practice better health, this doesn’t mean that fellow workers or colleagues will feel the same. In fact some co-workers or competition may even be opportunistic and take advantage of the clients’ situation for personal gain.

Although we will be allowing our clients to utilize our executive office facilities and all of the electronic services that will be offered, which are specifically designed for businessmen and professionals to check on their business responsibilities, the use of their personal cell phones or devises outside of these premises, and times, will be strictly prohibited. With most phones today having cameras and since we guarantee the protection and privacy of all of our clients, phones are not allowed in any areas of the facilities other than the executive offices – under supervision.

Cell phones must be checked upon arrival and are accessible only during scheduled times in the executive offices. All times in these offices are monitored by the clients’ life coach and strictly monitored for duration as scheduled in their treatment plan. The same thing applies to family visits. Family members will be asked to check their phones and cameras during any family visits and counselling meetings.

Clients at Śuruvāta will be supplied with a personal tablet in their private room for books, games and note taking, but there will be no internet access. Internet access will only be allowed during the clients scheduled executive office time. All social media sites will also be blocked at Śuruvāta to prevent patients from posting something private about themselves or other patients during this highly personal time.

If clients are leaving the facility, on a day pass to be with their spouse or family, we require that they refrain from going onto any social media sites and posting any updates on themselves or other clients at the facility.

At Śuruvāta, your confidentiality is safe with us!