Medical Detox Center

When a client is admitted to Śuruvāta, our on-staff detox nurses will do a complete medical assessment upon their entry. Then, our doctors will design a detox program specifically created for them. We understand that detox, if not managed properly can be a very uncomfortable process, so we ensure that clients are comfortable and feel as completely at ease as possible while going through the detox process.

Escaping chemical addictions can be dangerous if not managed by experienced medical and support staff. When people try to detox on their own or with unqualified support, the results can be disastrous, and in extreme cases, can cause death.

At Śuruvāta, each client will have the full support of our highly trained nurses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will help guide them through their detox process, post-detox and on into our industry leading Jivana Philosophy recovery programs.

When clients arrive, we fully evaluate their physical, chemical, medical, addiction conditions - and will review their full medical and addiction history before we begin.