Clients and Families

At Śuruvāta, family members of our clients will also learn about alcohol and drug rehab information by talking-to our counsellors and doctors at the facility. This way, friends and family members will be able to help and support our clients by learning about their addictions and by participating in our family group support seminars, and individual counselling sessions with the client. Doctors and counsellors in our facilities will guide and teach family members and friends how they can help. They will learn about the coping skills that clients are learning, the different substance drug abuse “triggers” that effect them and the best ways to show them love and support.

Clients at Śuruvāta are encouraged to end toxic relationships that have the propensity to lead to their abuse or relapse. They will be encouraged to seek help from family and other people who can support their journey to recovery. These supportive relationships could include friends, family members, and even other rehab guests.

Sometimes drug addictions can negatively affect the friends and family of the addict. In this case, we will also offer counselling and healing services to their friends and family as well.

Loved ones can help best, once they have sought healing for themselves.