Jivana Philosophy

So, what is Jivana?

Jivana (a Napali word for “Life) Philosophy is a proprietary industry leading Śuruvāta developed program designed to get our clients healthier, active and recovered from your substance use – one that will enhance their “life” and bring peace and happiness to their soul.

Jivana Philosophy is a proprietary approach, eventually to be licensed worldwide. Through offering this unique treatment approach, our clients will benefit from their own customized programs that recognize their individual personalities and preferences. Instead of placing them in generic, one size fits all groups all day long, their treatment plans will be customized to their treatment needs and personal lifestyle preferences and enable them to grow in ways they never thought were possible.

The Approach

The Jivana Philosophy addresses the cornerstones that are the foundations of a biopsychosocial approach to addiction:

Evidence-based Psychological Interventions

Engage in evidence-based psychological interventions to achieve recovery from substance use.

Physiological Optimization

Establish and maintain optimal health through medically supervised interventions in diet, exercise, and medication-assisted treatment as required.

Psychosocial Interventions

Establish high levels of functioning and life satisfaction through structured interventions.

This holistic approach to recovery that is customized to each client’s needs facilitates progress in all areas of client functioning and improves the likelihood of recovery.

The Objectives

Discharge objectives:

  • Achieve substance use goals and be armed with strategies and techniques to avoid relapse.
  • Improved physical health and have a sustainable fitness regime and dietary plan to maintain optimal physical condition.
  • Improved functioning and satisfaction with interests and hobbies to structure time.