Resetting Your Life Clock.

Rock Climber

At the Jivana Research Foundation, it is our belief that everyone is born into this world with the right to be loved and more importantly, to love themselves - and be addiction free!

As part of our mandate, a major portion of our funding will be used for the advancement of an industry leading research and residential wellness centre called Suruvata. Through results based research it is Suruvatas’ goal to establish whether or not addictions are ‘genetic’ as some in the medical field postulate, or if they are caused by external influences. However, if they are genetic we are committed to find a cure that will help people worldwide ‘get their lives back’.

It is our belief that with the right nutrition, physical activities, personal support and medical care, anyone suffering from a life consuming addiction can return to a happier life. One in which they can accept themself and ultimately “Reset Their Life Clock”.

At the Jivana Research Foundation, we are leading the industry in funding research that will help people achieve this “life” goal.