Entry and Orientation

When a client arrives at Śuruvāta they will notice that our staff are trained to understand the crisis they are experiencing and what a crucial time it is for them and their family.

We will ensure that a warm and comfortable atmosphere is created for them and their family to better help everyone make this transition. Our industry leading treatment staff will help them engage with their new surroundings, as we welcome them to their home for the coming months. Doctors and counsellors will help them set goals for themselves immediately, which will aid them in having an effective transformation into their new home.

Through our staff support, they will learn to commit to themselves and their loved ones who will also help them strive to make a positive change in their lives. This will be the first key to their success. Long-term goals are achieved from the start as well as short-term goals.

We will help them overcome denial and help them make healthy choices and commitments. Our medical staff will educate them on the consequences and effects of their alcohol and drug abuse. Our clients and their families will also learn about the effects that drugs or alcohol are having on them and how we will help them regain control of their lives – all in the hopes that they will be more motivated to make a change.

As we say at Śuruvāta, we help people reset their life clock!