Choosing the Right Treatment Centre

Selecting a treatment centre that fits a person’s need is a critical step in the recovery process. But how can someone know what elements to consider in that decision.

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse offers Key Questions to Consider when Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment as guidelines.

Clients at Śuruvāta can rest-assured that evidence-based practice is the foundation of the Jivana treatment philosophy. Current research indicates that cognitive-behavioral therapies are the most effective at addressing substance use behaviour and subsequently is the primary treatment method that will be offered at Śuruvāta.

Śuruvāta will offer a full range of psychological, physiological and life functioning interventions and supports. Each client will be provided with an individualized treatment plan that will outline the options that are best suited to their specific needs.

Upon arrival at Śuruvāta, clients will participate in an intake assessment to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs. Each client will be provided with a detailed treatment plan that is personalized to their individual needs, sensitive to their culture, gender and any other relevant background factors. The plan will outline the psychological, medical, psychosocial and spiritual interventions that can assist with their recovery. The plan will be reviewed with the client and the treatment team and as the client progresses; the treatment plan will be reviewed and modified accordingly.

At Śuruvāta we understand that recovery will not end at the simple completion of any program, but it can take several months or even years of continued effort and support. After-care is a critical element of the treatment approach offered at Śuruvāta. Components of after-care can include weekly after care meetings, self –directed plans and integration with services in the client’s home community.

The positive support networks of our clients can learn about substance use and its treatment through psychoeducational sessions. Doctors and counsellors will guide and teach family members and friends about the recovery process and how they can play a supportive role. Support network members can also participate in group therapy sessions and/or individual counselling with the client.

The Jivana Foundation has been established to oversee a systematic program evaluation regime to establish the efficacy of its holistic approach to substance use treatment.

Śuruvāta intends to seek full accreditation of its facilities and its specialized multi-disciplinary team will be registered within their respective health professions.

Clients of Śuruvāta may also wish to consider the quality of the facilities in their decision on a treatment facility. Śuruvāta is spacious and luxurious, offering a full range of physical fitness options in their state of the art facilities as well as having access to off-site extracurricular fitness and sports programs. The caliber of cuisine will be both nutritious and delicious.

Just like treatment for substance use, a client’s selection of treatment facility is highly individualized and Śuruvāta will no doubt become a provider of choice with its evidence-based, holistic, client centered approach delivered in a truly high-end facility.