What to Expect at Śuruvāta

What to Expect from Your Rehab Facility… and What We Offer at Śuruvāta

  1. Traditional treatment Centres generally incorporate cleansing, group therapy and early wake up calls as their regime. Luxury rehabilitation Centres have a rejuvenating approach.

At Śuruvāta, we will focus on customized treatment plans that are holistic, client-centered and will deal specifically with supporting our clients’ needs. Group sessions are limited with more emphasis put on one-on-one counselling. We treat our patients with respect and consideration.

  1. When choosing the facility, consider the privacy, amenities and dynamics that best suit your needs. All rehabilitation Centres generally have a strict confidentiality policy.

But at Śuruvāta we go the extra mile in “ensuring our client’s confidentiality. No cell phone, cameras or even access to the Internet are allowed – except in strictly supervised office environments. We even “block” Wi-Fi signals at the facility.

  1. Aside from the principle of anonymity in recovery, most luxury rehab Centres house a small number of guests at a time. This is an important factor as it is also beneficial to have a small group to keep integrity and focus. With small groups, building trust, and gaining confidence can result.

At Śuruvāta, in addition to the uniqueness of our evidence-based customized programs, we only accept a maximum of fifty-three (53) clients into the facility. Our clients are subsequently divided into groups with a maximum size of five (5) for programming based on their similar issues, needs and abilities.

  1. When going through the treatment process, it makes sense to be as comfortable as possible

But at Śuruvāta we take comfort at our facilities to a whole new level. Our facilities are industry leading in all aspects and provide our clients with the maximum in comfort, service and care.

  1. At most treatment Centres, medical services are provided for detox and therapy. Some luxury rehabilitation Centres may require a medical detox prior to entering the facility.

At Śuruvāta detox is similarly a starting point for many clients. But unlike other facilities, we will not require our clients to agree to, or sign any commitments for their financial participation in the facility, until after their detox is complete. Even if their family is insistent that a plan be confirmed upon entering detox. We want the client to be at Śuruvāta because ‘’they want to be there’, not because they came to us at a time of crisis and agreed to a program plan before they were in a position to make a truly informed decision.

  1. Most high-end rehabilitation Centres offer a resort like experience. Ask the facility what amenities they offer as part of the monthly fees since some may be extra, such as spa services, cleaning service, chefs, even pools and Jacuzzi tubs.

But at Śuruvāta a holistic approach is an understatement! Our programs will skillfully blend nutrition, exercise, spiritual support, and a real focus on helping people “Renew Their Life”. Through supportive medical therapy, personalized general interest programs and a strong goal setting environment, our clients can expect to receive not only the most unique type of program support in the industry, but one that we expect will result in the industry’s highest achieved levels of success!