Why Executives Refuse Treatment

Top 10 Reasons Executives Refuse Addiction Treatment and Why We are Confident They Will Come to Śuruvāta

  1. The fundamental issues that our target audience deals with is that people at an “executive” level:

At Śuruvāta, everyone is referred to as a “client”. We firmly believe that unlike the labels of “alcoholic” and “addict”, of which you can never be cured, we believe that the causes of these symptoms can be cured!

  1. Many people of position fear being identified recognized or discovered as being “in treatment”!

At Śuruvāta, confidentiality is paramount. We work with our clients in very small intimate groups. All cellular and photographic devises are taken from clients upon entering treatment. Our clients also come from all over the world, thus making it even harder to be recognized while getting treatment.

  1. Long-term treatment with no intimacy.

This can be a real issue, particularly for those in supportive relationships. Leaving your loved ones for an extended length of time cannot only be difficult but in many cases destructive to a relationship. However, at Śuruvāta conjugal visits can be arranged, after a two-week period of initial treatment. Intimacy and spousal support are important factors in recovery!

  1. Being away from family and spouses.

Although there is no control for this, we very much encourage regular family visits at the weekly scheduled times. We also allow phone calls to spouses, parents and children on a regular basis. Family support, awareness and participation are critical to success.

  1. Many people feel that by attending treatment they could be lumped in with criminals.

To alleviate this concern, as a policy, Śuruvāta does not accept court ordered rehab clients.

  1. Others have concerns about being lumped in with 20-year-old youth or with people who are not of their similar social economic status.

Śuruvāta’s identified and very focused target audience can be described as high income earners, executives or C-Suite Executives that need to get their lives back in order, since all of their employees count on them for a living. Although teenagers and a wide range of young people suffer from addictions to alcohol or drugs like methamphetamine, and also need help, we are very cautious to provide a compatible society while at the centre getting treatment.

  1. Having heard much about many treatment methodologies, many fear having to attend group sessions and expose their private issues to perfect strangers.

At Śuruvāta, our client’s programs are tailored to their individual needs. Our clients are never asked to divulge personal history or discuss private issues with strangers in a group environment. Our group sessions are limited and for “sharing” and are supportive environments. They are never ones that create any type of discomfort for our clients.

  1. Many senior executives have concerns that if they go into extended rehab, their company or job responsibilities will not be handled properly in their absence and their business that they are trying to save by attending rehab, will not be taken care of appropriately.

At Śuruvāta, we have specially designed executive offices where our clients can access their email, with their life coach present and conduct business at a mild business level.

  1. Many have fears that they will be severely bored during a long-term rehab program – which may have contributed to their addition.

A key part of our philosophy is the introduction of new hobbies; sports and personally rewarding activities to our clients. Our program director will have clients excited and passionate about their newly found lives within days of arriving.

  1. For many, the initial price, value and concerns – particularly with the reputation that many facilities have for failure.

When our clients consider the reality that really messing up at work could cost them their career, their family and potentially make them become unemployable for the future, most see the value of our facility immediately. When they compare other unique programs, our state of the art complex, and our industry leading evidence-based philosophy to recovery wellness the cost quickly becomes a minor issue for most.